Hi Friends…

    Tomorrow I’m due to go for a family meal… I’m going out of duty to my wife, it is her family after all. We have seen the menu… Not too pricey, but jolly close! The thing is… Will I be expected to dress up? I might just go for reasonably smart, but comfortable. I choose not to drive, but will still most likely have cola to drink.

    Now… Have you ever been to one of those restaurants where you have more than one set of cutlery on your bit of the table, all at one and the same time? Now, I’m not posh, but where do we start?!!!

    My rule… If it is chips, I give in straightaway, and use my fingers… They will be as clean as anyone else’s. It is easier that way, just as long as I don’t think too deeply about, if even at all…  Battered fish, the same…  To be honest, I intend to take a tupperware box with me, so I can save some for later on, but most importantly, leave space for pudding…

    Thinking of pudding… Ever tried to eat a slice of cake with cutlery? Using the fingers makes far less mess. Bearing in mind that any children will most likely be doing the same. The only time I use cutlery is if I have put a load of cream on the cake, or, in the case of fish and chips, Salt and vinegar or gravy on…

    What is the worst that can happen? I won’t get ill, so why on earth would someone else? If I use the loo, I wash hands just the once after, use the hand dryer, then really grab the door handles to return to the main restaurant.

    Try it… Deliberately use the loo first… Then really ‘Bontaminate’ your hands as you go back to your table to eat.

    That’s your challenge for this week… Can we do it? Let’s ‘Risk it for a biscuit’ so to speak. I’m gonna try… And If I was a betting person, I could bet that none of us, yes, None of us, will have any real discomfort due to eating. I would win that bet, and so would you, if you but give it a go…

    For most people in society… It won’t even be a consideration… Let’s just get at and enjoy the food!

    To be honest, At the end of a meal, I’ve been known to lick my individual fingers once, and wipe them dry on my clothing, if there are no serviettes available. It won’t harm me, or spoil my clothing.

    So, just for this week then… Eat something that it is actually easier to eat with fingers… Let’s be just a little ‘reckless’. Be an experimenter… Test the theory…

    One other thing… Do you ever find yourself going back to check something? Maybe lights off, or doors locked.

    Isn’t it fascinating how the urge to check just one more time, actually gets stronger the more we check?

    Ah Well… Such is our OCD. But we are on a learning journey, and we all have useful experience. Even if it is a bit of a proverbial pain in the neck at times.

    Okay… Until next week dear friends…  Friday 10/10/23, at about the same time together.