Hi friends…

    Okay then, Where does our ocd come from? We’ll, It isn’t helped by growing up seeking perfection for gratification. Perfection in life is totally unattainable, and totally dependant on approval from others, who may themselves never be totally satisfied  with us anyway. We can never be 100% good enough for everyone… In school, I  couldn’t be brilliant at all the subjects… There would always be at least maybe 2 teachers who would be bitterly disappointed with me, regardless of the amount of effort I  put in.. No one is ever really good at everything… If we were, then other people wouldn’t be able to help us through life… And thus, we them…

    We all have a purpose in this world.

    We pass through it, and leave our fingerprints on everything and everyone we ever meet… As did everyone before us. So it is with everything. We all have our place.

    So… Do you rely on others having a good opinion of you?

    Do you unconsciously place your self worth below that of others around you?

    The thing is that, living like that makes us very vulnerable to other people’s whims. They can manipulate us, often to inflate their own poor self image. This is bullying…

    It doesn’t work for them of course,  but it can totally ruin our lives.

    We have to stop relying on other people’s opinion of us.

    They are often wrong… They can deliberately put us down, destroying our self-esteem. Once that is gone, it is incredibly difficult to get it back again, especially if we are sensitive.

    Sensitivity is not a weakness,  it is an incredible gift in the right circumstances.  There are occupations that can only be handled  by sensitive people. It is a virtue, and enables incredible achievements to be reached

    People come in all shapes and sizes… And just as well..  Life would be boring otherwise, Wouldn’t it?

    Even toddlers can say some pretty amazing things. Everyone has a right to be heard, we all have something to contribute to the world. Something unique to ourselves .

    So… Let’s all share together on these forums. They are here for us, and each of us has our own unique take on the experience of dealing with ocd etc in our daily lives.

    Until next Friday 8 September then, Same sort of time…