I’m sorry friends, I copied and pasted it from another document, then took too long to edit it!!!

    It should read as follows;

    Friday the 25th!

    Good old Les Crane…

    During a recent visit accompanying a relative to hospital, it was nice to see the absence of those awful gel dispensers. Not many people were wearing face masks… We need to build up our natural resistance again… That is vital, if we are to survive through next winter.

    Later in the week, whilst At home, I inadvertently ate some dodgy home-made pasta and that made me vomit… No one else, just me. It was several days old, so was almost certainly past it’s use by date.

    I am fine now, my body has protected itself and used its’ natural resistance to do so.

    I went to a country park recently, and sat on various chairs etc. Even logs… Clean? I really don’t know, but I enjoyed a ham salad lunch, with cheese. I then licked my fingers clean, and wiped them dry on my jeans. Some food is easier to eat with fingers! It co operates better!

    I will only have washed my hands after using a loo… No other time… I didn’t actually touch any animals, due to displayed signs warning of possible biting!

    Iron gates… We went through a few, opening and closing as we went. I have no antibacterial gel on my person or in my bag. It isn’t necessary to bump off 99.9% of germs, cos some of them are gonna be good for us, as we are organic creatures too. The sun shone gently through the treetops high above us, the wind changing sound as it passed through different varieties of tree. And  What about the pillow on my bed? We don’t all stop to consider what may, or may not be there…

    I do remember a vacuum cleaner salesman demonstrating on a mattress… But how much of that ‘dust’ was already in the machine, was never discussed. I don’t care how effective the overpriced vacuum cleaner was supposed to be, I couldn’t have got the finance anyway. (Just tell them you are shortly to become unemployed, And you’ll be amazed how quickly they can pack everything away, and leave!)

    Basically, Nothing is ever totally clean… Even the air we breathe is already contaminated (Bontaminated) in some minor way, But it serves to actually, through natural processes, strengthen our bodily systems, totally naturally. Good, Isn’t it!?

    Finally for this one; A question for next Friday… Hopefully before 7pm!

    Where does our OCD actually come from?