Hey, it’s good that you’ve been in remission for a while.

    I was ill with ocd back in 2006/7, and when I got over it I thought I’d got over it for good. But then in 2020 during lock down it came back really bad for several months. It can happen that way.

    I don’t want to sound preachy, but I’m not sure that weed is altogether good for ocd sufferers. Maybe try to cut right back or stop entirely.

    Ocd won’t cause you to hurt your cat. Ocd tends to attack us with regard to people and things we love and value most. It’s done that to me in the past. Yes, its horrible at the time, but just be aware that you really don’t want to hurt your cat. Just sit with your cat and let the thoughts rise and fall.

    Hope you soon feel back to normal again. Stay strong. You can do it.