Forum Moderators


    Forum users occasionally ask us they can send send private messages (PMs) to other users. Just so everyone understands: only the moderators can contact forum users personally by sending a direct message (DM).

    Here’s why: user safety and security on these forums is one of our top priorities. And PMs put your safety at risk, as it can be difficult for moderators to help when you message another user privately.

    But when you get in touch with others by posting publicly on the forums, it’s much easier for us to step in when you need help.

    Private messages don’t support the community spirit of our forums. Our users interact with and support each other by replying to posts. Replies can be read by and help every forum user, unlike PMs, which only help one user.

    So, please reply to forum users’ posts today and help support our entire forum community!

    Forum Moderators