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    Hi everyone… Well, the package arrived, but it contained the wrong item! The whole thing needs to be packaged up and sent back to the supplier, so that they can send me the correct item… Everything has been handled, without washing of hands… I may have done so before eating a sandwich, but, most likely not… Will I get ill? Well, it was a couple of days ago now, and nothing has happened yet… I don’t even expect it to now… So that was a successful experiment…  Well done, Wannabe! 🙂

    That is something we should all do more often… Praise ourselves for each advancement… After all, it is ourselves who are doing the achieving…  Jacket potatoes in  the supermarket, followed by everything else we not only place in our trolley, but back on the display as well, after reading all the labels we can…  Will it do any harm? On the contrary… The most it will do is stimulate peoples natural defences to become stronger. In effect, doing all a favour, a good turn, if you like.

    So when the parcel goes back, the delivery drivers will handle everything… It won’t pose a problem, even though they almost certainly won’t have handwashing facilities in their vans…

    What about bread and cakes? How can they ever be any form of sterile? We cannot wash the wrapping without totally ruining the contents… Same as cheese. What about sugar? It doesn’t deteriorate, but it comes in paper bags, that are handled by the till operator, who themselves has handled, well, anything you can possibly purchase in that store. And nowadays, supermarkets sell a bit of just about anything… So, We’ll be okay… Same as those who depend on us.

    It’s not ‘Contamination’, but ‘Bontamination’, a good and helpful process… Look it up on the internet…

    Okay… Tomorrow I will take it easy… Today, I went to the gym… Used several different machines, well, the ones I’ve been taught how to use… We do wipe each machine down after use, as a matter of courtesy to other members, same as they in turn, do for me. It is how it is… We all protect each other…

    But that is a gymnasium… Not an office, supermarket shop.  In a shop, up until Covid, no shop ever had antibac gel… We just didn’t see it. And now, that is beginning to happen again now, as we ease off a little bit, and let the forces of nature take back control.

    Let’s be honest here… Not everyone washes and dries their hands in public loos, Do they? Some of us do, but just the once, before touching the doorhandle to return to the main restaurant. Just watch a few people… Bring it into our world as the norm… What most people in society don’t even think about… Especially when the loos is the only place in the building where we’ll find a sink and taps… It’s right, isn’t it? So…

    Let’s be a bit defiant… We have to consciously do it to start with… But it can be done… And then praise ourselves for the achievement… Every time.

    More later.

    God bless you for reading.