Hi there and welcome. One of the techniques I read about, was living in daytight compartments, not worrying about the future etc. I used to never leave until the following day, anything I could complete today, but that led to overload. I sort of look beyond the task in hand… That is, ‘I’ll fill this form in, then treat myself to something else I like to do… I even deliberately set myself up for tomorrow, to make tomorrow inviting and something to look forward to, rather than dread all night…  When we treat ourselves, it can be as basic as a glass of ice cold water from the fridge, to buying something I have been saving for… It doesn’t have to be expensive… A Capo for the guitar… A nice padded case… Even another guitar!  Do half the form, then take the camera with you on a walk… Come back, finish the form, and treat yourself again. Dwell on the things that are getting done, and praise yourself for getting them done. Anything left, can be done at a later time… What matters is, being positive about everything thing that gets done, and simply resolve to do the other bits at a later time. (Not too much later though!) That way, everything gets done, in its own time, and you never feel guilty. Guilt gives way to self-satisfaction, which can actually end up making us busier… Banish the guilt… It serves no other purpose than to discourage us.  Sap our strength, cripple our resolve.  By the way, This isn’t as easy as it may sound!!!