I think I do. As a grandad who has been married over forty years now, I often playfully tear myself down, before others get a chance to do it to me, that way I have a certain amount of control over how I feel. (I just don’t care anymore!) My wife drives the car all of the time now, and I’m quite happy to let her, that way she complains to other motorists rather than me!

    I just wonder for a moment. If the tables were turned… What would be the situation then?

    I say that, because my wife is terrible in traffic! I have to look away… She even argues with the sat-nav! But we all take it in good heart! We just laugh about it afterwards, cos I’m not a very good driver myself either. (It’s actually her car anyway…)

    I watch a lot of comedy films and programmes to keep my funny bones rattling, laugh, and the world laughs with you, so to speak…