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    When you study for university, it is expected that we keep a ‘learning journal’. In it, goes everything… A complete recording of how we felt, how much we got done, what to cook for evening meal… Every success, every nugget of info we found useful. It can be done in the form of a word processor type file, on an electronic device, or just hand written notes on paper. I favour the electronic method, cos it is possible to cut and paste, and move stuff around, editted, and left buried in the computer. I don’t tell anyone where to find it, cos it is just for me, and me alone. Everything I get upset about, gets written down and discussed on the page. It can be added to later…

    Looking back, it is amazing what we go through during our lifetime… Sometimes hectic, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, even angry about things. It gets resolved, or put away until later, simply by going through the process of writing stuff down, and getting it out of our heads… And somehow, this makes things easier to deal with… Give it a try maybe?