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    Forum moderators writing; we’re sorry you’re going through such a difficult time living with your obsessive thoughts. We understand that you have had counselling, but you don’t say if it was for OCD.

    And we also understand how frustrating it is waiting to be referred for therapy, as when you say:  Maybe I will try and speak with someone else that wasn’t the same counselor but unless I tell my surgery I am ready to do something stupid I won’t get referred to a waiting list for psychology and it’s a year. I think I’d like to talk to someone again but I don’t know who. The UK will just offer me a mental health nurse, then direct me to online things, that’s it basically.”

    Since you’re having such difficult accessing treatment and therapy for OCD, why don’t you contact our OCD Action Helpline?

    One of our Helpline volunteer who understands OCD, may be able to provide you with information on how to access appropriate treatment and therapy. And, if you’d like to talk to them about OCD and it’s impact on your life, they’re there to listen. You can contact our Helpline by:

    • phone: 0300 636 5478
    • email:

    Also, there’s a “pinned” topic at the top of each forum called Questions about treatment or therapy? OCD Action can help!

    It explains where you can find all of the resources on the OCD Action website about treatment and therapy.

    We hope this is helpful for you,

    Forum Moderators