Hopefully your wife will get over it.

    I don’t think you have done wrong, just that you were, maybe, foolish to leave that diary hanging around. But then again, if your wife knew it was your private diary, you are entitled, maybe, to feel annoyed that she took it upon herself to read it.

    What is wrong with a married man, say, thinking of a woman he knows at work, especially If his partner is not specially interested any longer?

    It’s a dilemma. Many people go through it. But I fail to see what right any woman has to judge you if she’s not that bothered about you.

    The worry you have about her leaving you; do you think that’s your insecurity? If so, talk it through with your wife. Try to come to an understanding.

    Would you say that your wife is a bit prudish? I mean some thoughts about underwear wouldn’t seem to me to be extreme in any way.

    Seriously, if I were you I’d ask her to sit down and talk through everything. Even if she is shocked and angry, I’m sure she’ll calm down before long. But if you don’t talk it may continue as an unresolved issue.

    I’ve had issues like this with girlfriends in the past. It’s rarely, if ever, totally fault on one side only.