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    Hi everyone. Well tomorrow night I will sleep in a different bed, with different pillows etc. A different house, a different toilet. On the way, I will use motorway services… Drink coffee/latte. Eat sandwiches with my fingers, egg sandwiches… I really don’t know how clean anything will be, save to say, it was okay last time… It all turned out okay… I just avoid thinking too deeply into anything… In a lot of shops, the anti bac gel has run out now… So, just maybe, if we just use it where it is provided, just the once, we’ll be as safe as anyone can be and therefore is, in these times. I have a cuddly teddy bear from the Millenium. That makes him 22 years old, and I got him from a charity shop. I don’t think it is washable, so that will have seen some hugs without a liberal splashing of Dettol!  Children don’t have their teddy bears washed every day… Maybe the Teddy bear is helping them to be introduced to a small amount of germs (Just how many could you fit onto a teddy bear?!) in order for their natural bodily resistance to strengthen, a good thing… ‘Bontamination’ actually.

    I do worry about storing files etc on the cloud drive… I’ve come from writing entire novels onto a floppy disc! And gramophone records to parties, nowadays CD’s. I liken it to storing something in someone else’s shed, and them then putting up the rent… So it is mainly memory cards and sticks, with a lot more capacity for storage, and I’m then in charge of keeping them safe.

    What about the things we plug into other things electronically? Is there ever anything on the plugs and sockets? If there was, it wasn’t much of anything, otherwise we would be sick all of the time… To be honest, I only wash hands occasionally, and cannot remember the time I last got tummy ache, let alone anyone else…

    Those trip and fall solicitors… There is a downside… If you succeed and therefore get a history in suing people, it will be highly likely that you’ll be dropped by your family doctor for a start… Builders won’t mend your house, etc. etc. Plus the likelihood that the solicitor gets most of the money anyway, as ‘Costs’.

    Anyway, Us Ocd’ers aren’t any more likely to spread germs than everyone else, and so, if they can get away with it, and they do, then I can too. That makes me free…

    Okay, I’m tired now, I was up late last night sorting out some study work, so tonight is an early night by comparison.

    More later,

    God bless you for reading.