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    Well, no awkward situations regarding the clock…  And it is still running fine. I have wired up my stereo, so I don’t lie awake thinking tonight. I love music…  I went to a carwash today… I shudder to think what is in those sprays… But we will have inhaled some through the air vents… Just like last time, and no ill effects…  What about the handles inside the car? Though this car is clean, some of the ones in the past were really grubby… Camping holidays with the kids… Crawling about on wet grass hammering in tent pegs. It was a fabulous tent, but we had no washing facilities except in the toilet blocks on site… And we did a lot of cooking in camp… There were very basic showers… Yet we survived… We survived… And we didn’t have antibacterials, it was just ordinary bar soap… On site chippy… All paid for with ordinary cash… Maybe we are a lot more resistant than we think… Just by being reasonably clean… Can we do that? Just check that door once only… No need to go and check yet again… I’ve checked it once, and it is definitely locked. In fact, the more times I go back and check, the stronger the urge gets to check even more times… And I really don’t want to experience that feeling again…

    So, what about my bed? Is it clean enough? Hasn’t it always been so before?

    More later…

    God bless you for reading…