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    Hi everyone… It was restaurant toilets yesterday… Even ordering the meal on touch screens… Paying by card, but not contactless, so it was typing in a number, then pressing the button that used to be green!!!  To the best of my knowledge, nobody was ill… And the coffee was fantastic! I drove both ways, as my wife’s carer. It was very difficult, due to the road being wet, and the darkness making  it difficult to see the road markings, on unfamiliar roads. It was a good ride out… To a car dealership where everything was indoors under bright lights. The colours were amazing. There was antibac gel everywhere, but, as no one else was concerned, I didn’t use it… The toilets were okay, washed hands, then used the jet engine to dry my hands… Are they really loud? Or is it just that the rooms are small?  And there’s no way of knowing if the last person to operate the door handle, had washed their hands… (Refer to ‘The concept of Bontamination’ for further details on that one.)

    I’m into cuddly toys… I have a dinosaur that is four feet tall, and lot’s of other cuddlies…  I store my pens in cups, all together… Are pens and pencils ever clean? Really? And sticky tape? Blu-tack? Do most people even care?

    Finally… ‘Lego bricks…’ We played with them as kids, and still do today… ‘Meccano’,  and ‘Hornby trainsets’…  What about mechanical typewriters? Other people’s games consoles and computers? Dare I mention musical instruments?

    Okay… I have on my desk, a ‘Gratitude’ jar. It’s a coffee jar empty except for pieces of paper, with positive affirmations on…  They lift me when I’m having a bad day…

    God bless you for reading…