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    Hi everyone… Today it was helping some relatives clear out a house after someone died… Dust everywhere, and medium sized spiders… Furniture that hadn’t been dusted in years… Cups unwashed, for months… Books and paperwork to handle… A lot of it went through a shredder, until that stopped working… Scrap stuff everywhere… People walking in and out… No doormat… One fabric hand towel that was actually dry to touch. I also had to sort out a minor flood in our kitchen, dishwasher hose leaking… My knees and toes were wet… But I managed to keep the same clothes on to go out in the car… I find that the intrusive thoughts fade away a bit quicker now… I vigilantly resist the urge to give in, as I know that, if I do, it will just make me want to check or clean again, the urge getting harder to resist, the more I try to reassure myself… So I don’t… If I’m negligent, then so be it… But they will have to prove beyond all doubt that it was my fault for not washing, and washing,and washing my hands, rather than theirs, for not taking reasonable care of themselves. That is the law, and compensation solicitors know it. If you try to sue me and are unsuccessful, you may have to pay your own legal fees… And get a reputation for suing people, that might get money, but is it worth it, when your GP then refuses to treat you..? Or you can’t get certain forms of insurance? It’s not going to be a lot of money anyway…

    Okay, that’s it for tonight. I’ll be back on here in a couple of days or so…

    God bless you for reading…