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    Hi everyone. When we get a parcel, or letter through the post… How many people will have touched it before us? How many other letters have they been in contact with? In the old days, we licked the stamps… Did that contaminate the envelope? Did we get ill specifically because of that?  It is impossible to say.  When we go into the library to use a computer, have they ever been spotless? Really? Before Covid nobody appeared to be concerned. I learnt word processing at college, and it was pure pot luck which computer I sat at… Whichever one was free when I arrived, basically. We would have one toilet room to a lot of students, with one wash basin, that had a water heater over it, that is how basic it was… Vending machines provided hot and cold drinks… Chocolate and crisps.  Paid for with coins. (It was a lot cheaper then!) But, to the best of my knowledge, no one ever went off sick… I would be there three days a week, at varying times, around my shift work.

    One thing that I have found useful, is to keep a blog on my tablet, of everything that is worrying, or upsetting me. I can then leave it on the page. buried in the computer software. It gets it all off my chest, so to speak, and then I am calm again. No one else need read it, they probably wouldn’t understand anyway, except perhaps in order to take offence to something I have written down. There are a lot of antagonists in my part of the world. Mind you, I seem to be happier than they are!

    Okay, that’s it for the mo, more in a couple of days…

    God bless you for reading.