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    Hi everyone. Well, the stickiness didn’t amount to anything… In fact, as they have a special offer on in our local store, I bought a load more hot cross buns, to go in the freezer. It is a very convenient and cheap way of buying fruit cake… Last night, I cooked some chicken drumsticks… Defrosted them first, in the vacuum pack they were in. Then it was, get them on a grill pan, and shove them in the oven for just over half an hour. On the rack, they aren’t so greasy, and they cook better anyway…  Healthy food. Tonight, I will use up the last of them, served with microwave rice… Reheating chicken can be a bit uncertain, so they will be served cold. Just as nice…  We have a water filter tank in the kitchen. It has never been sterilised… And gets refilled a couple of times each day… We have ‘Hard’ water, so filtering it make it taste nicer.  We fill it with a plastic jug from the tap… It is only going to be ‘Reasonably clean’, same as always in my lifetime.  What about shopping in the supermarket? Today, nobody was using the antibacterial gel… In fact, many shops have done away with it altogether… Even it we do, the checkout operator will handle everything to scan it, and then I shove it all in a carrier bag, pay by card, then wander home. At the tills, Everything goes on everything… And has done for at least the last twenty years or so… We survive…

    Okay… Tonight I will do some more study… And also have a look at wiring up some hi fi speakers… They are very old, and came second hand, from a blokes back yard! They need wires attaching… I don’t know how until I get the cabinets open…

    Will they be clean? I really don’t know, what is most important right now is that they sound nice… I’ll get back to you all about that one…

    God bless you for reading.