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    Hi everyone… The Ocd has kept it’s distance today…  I keep wondering if I should wear my face covering in shops… Not everyone does…  If I’m the only one wearing one, I pretend that I have covid, and I’m protecting them. Avoid sarcasm… I did some plumbing today… We now use an electric dishwasher in the kitchen, so we don’t use gas… We are trying to go all electric, ready for next winter, when they are due to hike up prices again. Pure greed. It is all about trying to be as efficient as possible. With electric heaters, all the heat goes into the water, whereas, with gas, a percentage of it goes straight up the chimney… Adding to the greenhouse gases. Dual fuel discount is more than cancelled out by the ridiculous standing charges. And as electricity does everything, gas has to go… Food now takes priority over heating…  When it is really cold, I wear a boiler suit over my clothing… Even use a quilt off the bed… Which brings me to my Ocd challenge. Is the inside of our bed clean? Does it matter if I get into bed fully clothed, and then sit on the settee in the living room?  Well… I can try and analyse what would normally be inside my bed, or I can do as children do, and people who wear pyjamas all day; If it is okay for others, then, by law of averages, it must be okay for me… So, though it feels a bit gross, Statistically, it does no harm to anyone. Resist the intrusive thoughts, until they die away of their own accord. It always happens eventually. Eventually.  So, the challenge is this… Let’s all get back into bed with our daytime clothes on, wait five minutes, and then just carry on with our day… Let’s ‘Bontaminate’ everything… Shall we try?

    God bless you for reading,