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    Tomorrow it is church…  Wearing face masks, and sitting on plastic chairs… Hopefully not in a draught!  Fortunately I’m not judged… I can sit where I want, and wear jeans and jersey…  Some places can be very high brow. I say, if you play guitar, get in there and rock the joint!  Today we visited relatives… Upstairs, and not immaculate… But okay… They are, and so are we…  There has been an advert on television for yoghurt with live bacteria in it, and good for the gut… But what if I should spill some on the worktop?  It is live bacteria…  Something ‘Bifidus’ has been mentioned, Is that a real word!!!?  Should I get the antibacterial spray out?  And ‘Air fresheners’, What exactly have we been inhaling all these years?  In the car, windscreen washer fluid… Great for getting unmentionables off the windscreen, but when we breathe it in, and we all have, for decades now, What does that actually do to our lungs?  We live, Don’t we? Anyway, I was up all night last night, sitting up in bed, fully clothed, with blankets over my knees… Whatever was in my bed, is now absolutely everywhere I have sat today… They are my favourite trousers… Combats, with loads of useful pockets…  I’ll most likely wear them to church tomorrow, and at the house of someone who has invited us for lunch…

    And cuddly toys… Are they ever perfect? Of course not, and many are not suitable to wash… I have cuddlies that my grandchildren throw around when they visit… And, to the best of my knowledge, they are never ill, I know that, cos they never miss a day of school… Anyway, I’m tired now, so it is nearly time for some shuteye.

    God bless you for reading…