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    Forum moderators here; we’re very sorry you’re having such a difficult time coping with your anxiety and your OCD, while being a mum and pregnant – and we want you to know how to access more help and support.

    Here are some resources for mothers with OCD that we hope you’ll find useful:

    Maternal OCD: the website of this organisation that helps mothers with OCD has lots of useful resources; have a look at the “Help for Mums” section.

    Maternal OCD explains that seeing your GP is the first step in accessing the support and treatment you deserve. Read more on this page on their website

    OCD Action’s website also lots of very helpful information about accessing help and support; some is specifically for pregnant women and mothers. Visit our website to:

    You can also contact the OCD Action Help and Information Line to talk to or email someone who understands OCD. This confidential service offers help, information and support for people with OCD – they’ve helped mothers like you. Contact the Helpline by:

    OCD Action Skype/Phone/Zoom support groups:. joining a group can be very helpful, as you can talk to people who understand in a safe space. To find out more, on our Skype/Phone/Zoom Support Groups page, click on “I AM AN ADULT WITH OCD

    You can read about and search for local independent OCD support groups in the UK here (OCD Action is currently reviewing the information we hold for these groups. Please check this page soon to find a group in your area): Local Independent Support Groups

    And just please know that you’re never alone – OCD Action is here to support you.

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