Hi there. I often wonder if the mental health teams even know what they are doing… Much like social workers, they mean well, but they really don’t understand…  My mental health team take months to access, then refuse to discontinue a medication that I actually believe is doing me more harm than good. I’ve made the decision to simply reduce it, They won’t sign it off, but I know me… I have weird intrusive thoughts sometimes, but in the cold light of day, even if given the chance, I could never follow them through for real. We get upset because we care too much for our own good. In a conflict situation, I would, strangely enough, try not to harm my attacker. I’d be no good in a war!  I know, that, when actually in a situation, I will not follow through… Something stops us at the last moment… Because we are good people, simply because we care, and that is what grieves us so much… A book I mean to get hold of is ‘Feeling good, the new mood therapy’, by Dr David Burns.  A very easy read, he brings a lot of things into perspective for us.