Take an elastic band
And a room full of your worst fears
Here’s a scattering of some truths
And a kaleidoscope for your memories
And a speaker set to silent with a potential tape of screams
Use this elastic band to prove to me that your worst fear isn’t true.
Take hold of the band as it’s all you have got
And raise the kaleidoscope up to your memories.
With each turn of the band round your finger
You’ll be one step closer to the truth
And one step closer to knowing if the tape is blank or guilty
Round once someone knocks at the door –
You must go round once more
Round twice it doesn’t feel quite right –
Round thrice –
That felt okay.
Let’s do it again to make sure.
With each turn of the band my finger more blue,
With each three turns the kaleidoscope shifts,
The scattered truths stay the same whether or not the band turns around once more.
I cannot let go of the band
For then I will never know
But with every turn of the band
Memories’ distortion will grow.
And your finger is turning more blue
Then you can’t see the room or the floor
You lose sight of the scattered truths
Who stay undisturbed still
Whilst you wrestle within yourself
To try and cure an ill you didn’t cause
An ill? you can’t be sure
An ill that’s a mistake?
A mistake you could forgive
If it was one a friend did make
Did I make the mistake? Is that accurate
Am I sure I can forgive myself?
Is there anything I can feel?
Has anything even happened.
Let’s turn the band again to be sure
Now the band is so tight that I can’t feel it wind
And I can’t find my mind anymore.

by: PD1995

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