Hi everyone. We’ve  made it through another week!

    I saw a caption somewhere that the way to cope when things are getting too stressful is thus…

    Change the situation,  or, change the way you are approaching it.

    In my own life, this last week has been very stressful. I would like to play the organ. I would like to play in my loxal church… I  have a super instrument at home, that is big enough to go into my local church… But I cannot get the people in there to let me have it there, in case it should look untidy… In a church!

    Solution, go to a different church!!!!! So I will… to the nearer one that has coffee mornings!

    There is a new song…

    ‘Just where he needs me, my lord has placed me, just where he needs me, there would I be, t but they don’t want me, but Jesus loves me, so I’ll go somewhere  else!

    A simple case of changing my approach to things… I  can use my God given talents somewhere else, and actually nearer to my home! My portable keyboard goes on its own trolley. Fantastic!

    I have to get on with everyone there, they don’t want me to inconvenience them. To be honest, the other church does communion, and I like that.

    So, change the situation,  if you can, maybe three or four times… Try everything… and then… Go somewhere  else to do your thing. Do what you are already good at!

    A quick one tonight, seeya next week same time  same place.