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    Hi everyone… Big decisions being made today… About some education stuff I’ve been looking at… I was looking at doing a degree… But why? What would it achieve? Or even prove? The government of the UK is changing the criteria for entry to university, by governing the student loan system, and I no longer meet the Criteria, so it is, escape, do what I’m good at instead, and not end up owing a lot of money… I’m retired, I should be enjoying life… My main hobbyskill is music… I play a fabulous old electronic organ… I have stuff on youtube… Is the organ clean? I doubt it… I’ve never cleaned it, before or after playing… And other people touch is as much as I do… What about a piano? Were they ever washed down? Of course not! And guitars… The strings would have been positively ‘Bontaminated’, with germs, finger grease, hair gel, fag ash… Yes, I grew up in the seventies! Just maybe, all that handwashing, despite the intrusive thoughts, is actually doing me and others, more ‘Harm’ than ‘Good’, by effectively denying their natural right to become bontaminated with something, in order for their immune systems to develop strength. To be fair, this world has never been clean… We’ve just adapted to the germs and things that are around us all of the time. A good illustration of this is in H.G.Wells ‘War of the worlds’.  We try to fight little things with big guns, so to speak, and yet, it’s other little things…

    Mmmm… Makes us think, Doesn’t it?  Maybe it doesn’t have to be quite so perfect…

    More in a couple of days…

    God Bless you for reading.