Think positive thoughts

Think positive thoughts, its time to get moving

Keep going faster, no walking or cruising

For a journeys a journey go full steam ahead

You'll never arrive while you're  lying in bed

It's time to get up, time to start a new day

Let's get going and leave, no time to delay

Think positive thoughts, it's time to set sail

I can tell that you're scared, you're worried you'll  fail

Well, I'll tell you what, and this is a promise,

Sometimes you will, well at least I am honest.

But from failing you'll grow and that means that next time

You'll be even better, I know you'll be fine

Think positive thoughts, you will travel more distance

When open minded and with some persistence

Each step that you take will mean that your learning

Each step that you take will increase the yearning

To follow your dreams and keep doing more

Just one footstep away, go on, open that door.

So think positive thoughts, I know that you want to

Think of all of those things that you want to do

Put your feet on the ground and your hand on the door

You are wasted in bed, you can do so much more

Put a smile on your face, the hardest of things

You never know, you might find you have wings

Think positive thoughts, you're so nearly there

You're through the door with a foot on the stair

Keep going, go on, and soon you will see

Once out in the world you are finally free

I can see you halting, thinking again

Don't listen to the voice you have in your brain

Think positive thoughts, you go back indoors

You keep hearing the voice in that head of yours

The one that tells you that you can't go on

That voice that knows it will all go wrong

You run back to hide right under your bed

Well maybe  next time you will manage instead