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  • September 30 2020 - 11:28pm
    Unfortunately noone on here will be able to say if you have ocd or not. OCD shares symptoms with many other things. Hows the therapy going? They make suggestions what it could be? When your checking locks etc, why are you doing it? What are your thoughts before and after?
  • September 28 2020 - 2:12am
    I certainly dont envy you. Family matters can be delicate enough at the best of times. I really hope you find some sort of solution. I'm sure it's not easy for you to see your mum struggle and your granny upset. When you see a loved one struggle your instincts are to help.
  • September 24 2020 - 2:29am
    You need to look after yourself first and foremost. I have no patience for people that have an issue that is affecting loved ones and wont seek help. Even a small step to show willingness. I also have contamination themes and covid is a bit of a dick for us. And for many makes it harder.
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