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  • October 18 2019 - 10:10pm
    Hi there, We'll all get through okay. I'm sure we will. I don't know what the future holds, but it has to be okay, otherwise there's no point in anything. And life is too incredible to be pointless for a lot of people. Life is basically a hopefull routine. Wannabe
  • October 2 2019 - 9:39pm

    Hi there, and welcome to the forums.  I've been on Olanzapine for years too. It's not easy is it? When I was really ill, my children stayed at home with me and my wife. They were deemed to be safest with us. To be honest, your children are best with their natural parents, you.

  • September 27 2019 - 6:36pm

    Hi there. Imagine that in a year year's time, with the right help you could be free of all this. Or at least well on the way. Your doctor can listen to you with impartiality and in confidence. CBT can be very effective, that is also confidential.  You are worth it, we all are.

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