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  • June 19 2018 - 3:28am

    The story of my life...OCD likes to twist things like this...It likes to throw extra stuff in there to screw you up in the head...the best thing i can tell you to do is except the thought and ignore it ....if not it just spirals out of control...I know its easier said than done...Im sorry your go

  • June 12 2018 - 8:41pm

    I definitely know the feeling...Some days are harder than others ...Sometimes i feel like people with OCD are the most strongest people ever...Try to do something you enjoy ..Im sorry your feeling this way...

  • June 12 2018 - 8:33pm

    This is Ocd...I would just accept the thought and try to move on ...its hard i know ...but the more attention you give theses thoughts ,the more you feed the OCD ...You got this..I try to always listen to my heart...and I know that you know in your heart this isnt youwink

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