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  • July 19 2019 - 8:37am

    When you feel something down you panic and start checking, what does this mean? do you focus all your attention on the groin? If yes, this is the cause, the more you focus on a location the more you will feel something in that location + you send more bloodflow to that location.

  • July 18 2019 - 8:56am

    The content itself does not matter, on this forum there are people having groinals related to children, relatives, same sex, name it! Are you still afraid that the sensations you feel down there are actual arousal?

  • July 18 2019 - 8:50am

    I cannot relate directly to the content itself, but i can relate to the mechanism, you are associating two actions/objects, which is similar to if i dont wear my bracelet today i will die...or for me it used to be if i dont manage to do at least 30 minutes of sport today i will have a bad day...h

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