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  • July 3 2020 - 12:25pm

    I get gay dreams now and I always seem to get an erection during them.  When I have straight dreams I dont get aroused or have an erection when I wake up from them.  This is proof my subconscious is gay as far as I'm concerned.  Its not a one off.  It happens all the time.

  • June 19 2020 - 10:04pm

    Hi mm316 I am a guy but have very similar experiences and its horrific and I relate to everything you say


  • June 8 2020 - 10:18pm

    I'm scared.  I read the gay forum Empty Closets a few years ago to see what they thought of HOCD and they reckoned that a load of gay people cant accept theyre gay and their attractions arousals scare them.  They reckoned that real HOCD people never have groinal responses and its ju

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