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  • April 21 2016 - 4:51pm

    I am sorry Denton, i wrote without even addressing your concerns,  I think its great that your therapist diagnosed you. and your making good progress even though it's up and down


  • April 7 2016 - 2:52pm

    Sofia,  I want you to know that at 11 the horrible thoughts about my mother started.  i was horrified.  They didnt know about ocd then or treatment . so i lived in secrecy.  you don't have to do that.

  • April 6 2016 - 5:57pm

    Hi, Denton.  Its really o.k. that the medicine made the ocd cbt easier .  it's supposed to.    Your luck the meds work for you.  don't worry , when something comes up, that you want to work out it will pop in.  mabe you can put the cbt on hold.?

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