Corporate Fundraising

Whether your company is a small team or a large business, there are a lot of ways that it can support OCD Action.

Get your colleagues involved!

A workplace is an excellent place to put on a fundraising event such as a cake sale or raffle. It's also a good idea to join together with your colleagues to do a team challenge.

You can also consider giving to us through your Payroll Giving scheme and encouraging your colleagues to do the same, or join with us for Cause-related Marketing (CRM).


Charity of the Year Partnerships

Are you looking for a Charity of the Year? It's something that can be mutually beneficial: we're very keen at this charity to make the most out of any partnerships, and we want to support you as much as you support us.

Here are the wonderful partners OCD Action is involved with:

Lakes International Comic Art Festival

Official Charity 2016


Rosemont Recruitment

Charity of the Year 2016


If you're interested in getting your company involved then get in touch with our Lead Fundraiser at