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Join Heather Sequeira in December for this 2 day OCD workshop 

CBT with Human Centred Value base

8-9th Dec 2015 at BPS London

BPS Learning Centre Approved for CPD

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Research indicates that OCD can be as damaging to a person’s quality of life as schizophrenia. Furthermore, approximately 40-60% of people with OCD do not or only partially respond to initial therapy. This is particularly a problem for those presenting with Intrusive Harm OCD or Primarily Obsessional OCD (often termed ‘Pure O’). This is a lesser known but surprisingly common and very debilitating manifestation of OCD. The use of specialist CBT, adapted specifically for OCD is paramount in these cases.

OCD can be particularly disturbing when it manifests as horrific intrusive, unwanted thoughts or images of committing an act that the person considers to be violent, sexually inappropriate and against ones values and beliefs e.g. a fear that one could be a paedophile, a fear of attacking others or a persistent worry that one could act violently to a baby.

The workshop is an intensive two day ‘how to do CBT for OCD’ focused workshop in the use of CBT strategies for Primarily Obsessional ‘Pure O’ subtypes of OCD, with particular focus on those clients presenting with horrific, unwanted and intrusive thoughts of “harm”. Recent theoretical updates in OCD therapy will be considered, along with case formulation and treatment. 

The workshop is highly practical, with clinical demonstration using live actor and video footage to model skills. Participants will get plenty of opportunity to practice skills with peers using role play and other exercises. The workshop demonstrates high integrity to CBT Principles throughout the teaching of material.

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