Morphing Fears in OCD

Rosie Daly is doing research on OCD, in particular Morphing Fears which is a rare type of mental contamination. Rosie comments on her study as follows:


Morphing fears have often gone misdiagnosed as Psychosis which means incorrect treatment is given. I am conducting a survey to try and prove that morphing fears are closely related to mental contamination, not psychosis.

How would I be involved?

You will answer questions about yourself, e.g. your date of birth and gender, OCD and Psychosis, alongside questions on aspects relating to OCD and self-esteem.  It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Those with or without OCD can take part but must be over 18 years.

Your participation is completely voluntary

Can I withdraw after I have completed the questionnaire?

Yes and your data will be destroyed.  You can withdraw at ANY time during the study (by exiting the webpage).  If you wish to withdraw after the questionnaire, please contact one of the researchers, quoting your unique ID, saying you wish to withdraw.  You do NOT have to give a reason why you wish to withdraw.  You have until 30/07/2017 to withdraw. This can be done by email or post.

Will anyone know I have taken part?

No.  You will provide a unique ID for yourself to maintain anonymity.  However, your identity may be compromised if you contact the researchers to withdraw via email (if your email contains your name, for example).

Will anyone see my answers?

Only the researchers.  However, the researchers will not know that your answers belong to you due to your unique ID that you will provide before you take part. 

Are there any risks involved in participation?

Some areas of the questionnaire can be considered to encompass sensitive topics.  If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable or distressed, please visit the support links provided at the end of the questionnaire.  The researchers will not know if you sought help.

What happens to my responses after I take part?

Your data will remain anonymous and will only be looked at by the researchers upon analysis in order to help the investigation of Morphing Fears

Please do not hesitate to contact the researchers if you have any questions; if anything needs clarification and for any further queries:

Rosie Daly (Primary Researcher)


Post: Nottingham Trent University

         50 Shakespeare Street


         NG1 4FQ


Dr. Juliet Hassard (Supervisor)


Post:  Nottingham Trent University

           50 Shakespeare Street


             NG1 4FQ

Phone: +44 (0)115 848 4706


Dr. Eva Zysk (Collaborator)


Post: Nottingham Trent University

          50 Shakespeare Street


          NG1 4FQ

Phone: +44 (0)115 848 5599

The survey link can be found here: