The effect of having a sibling with OCD

Claire Mason is a Trainee Clinical Psychologist at Newcastle University who is currently researching the impact of growing up with a sibling who has OCD. 

This research is part of her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology being undertaken at Newcastle University and she is being supervised by Dr. Claire Lomax (Clinical Psychologist, Newcastle University Doctorate of Clinical Psychology Programme Director) and Dr David O’Sullivan (Clinical Psychologist, Newcastle University Doctorate of Clinical Psychology Clinical Tutor). 

The study has been given ethical approval from Newcastle University's Research Ethics Committee.

Claire comments on the study as follows:


What are the aims of this study?

This study aims to investigate the impact growing up with a sibling who suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) has on sibling relationships both in the past and at the present time.  Through this study we hope to gain a better understanding of the possible effects there might be on a child who lives with a sibling with OCD.  By understanding any potential impacts better, we would hope eventually that better and more targeted support could be offered to families and siblings.

Can I take part in the study? 

We are looking for adults aged between 18 and 50 who had a sibling who experienced OCD during their childhood.

What does taking part involve?

The study involves completing some questionnaires online. The study takes approximately 35 minutes to complete. Data provided is anonymous. All data collected will be used solely for research purposes and will be stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the policies of Newcastle University and Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Trust. Only the research team will have access to the data.

If you are interested in taking part please click on the link below:

If you have any additional questions or require further information, please contact Claire on