Is your home full of items which you feel you can’t part with?

My name is Victoria Barnes and I’m currently conducting my PhD research at Nottingham Trent University on hoarding behaviours. I'm looking for people to take part in an interview lasting between 60 and 90 minutes, which could be done face to face, over Skype or over the phone. Through the interviews, I’m aiming to develop a model of how hoarding behaviours develop and the relationship people have with their possessions.

If you can answer Yes to two or more of the questions below, I would like to hear from you with a view to you taking part in an interview:

  • Do you find it hard to discard possessions?
  • Does the thought of discarding your possessions make you upset, distressed or worried?
  • Do you feel the need to save the majority of the items you own?
  • Does not being able to get rid of possessions make you upset or worried, or cause problems in your work or personal life?
  • Do you have so many things in your home that it is hard to move around or use rooms for their intended purpose?
  • Does the number of possessions in your home make you feel upset, distressed or worried, or cause problems in your work or personal life?

To register your interest in taking part in this study, or for further information, my contact details are:

07546 948326

This research has received ethical approval from the NTU College of Business, Law and Social Sciences Research Ethics Committee.