Quantum of Solace

huge well done to Rachel Bailey and Lewis Sullivan of Seek Solace, the support group for OCD and Hoarding in York.

This Sunday the two of them ran the ASDA Foundation York 10K, a tough but picturesque run through the gorgeous Northern city. And they both smashed it, raising £360 and £80 respectively for OCD Action, adding up to a whopping £500 including Gift Aid!

Here is a photo of the two of them during the event:

On Yer Bike!

OCD Action’s very own expedition is under way!

A few months ago, we wrote about the plans of two Cambridge students, Chase Caldwell Smith and Kate Ellison, to take on the daunting task of circumnavigating the whole of Iceland… by bicycle. Dubbed the “Hringvegurinn Expedition” (after the Icelandic word for “ring road”) and assigned official expedition status by the University of Cambridge, Chase and Kate were set to cycle a gut-wrenching 1332km through the rocky, icy, natural hazard-strewn paths that make up the titular ring road.

There Will Be Mud

The Tough Mudder. A long, gruelling obstacle course filled with 50,000 litres of mud which tests endurance, strength and teamwork. It’s enough to make even the most outdoorsy person quake in their boots.

So just imagine how tough it must be for our latest fundraiser Richard Taylor, who has struggled with contamination issues since he was 15, to take on the challenge!

Run, Solace, Run!

At OCD Action we often have people running for us in order to raise awareness of OCD, but we don’t often get a whole support group doing one. But Seek Solace, the OCD and Hoarding Support Group for York, are planning to do just that! On Sunday 7th August they will be running the ASDA Foundation York 10K.

To the Ends of the Earth

An Adventure in Space and Time (in memory of Dan Hulme)

It’s time for a long overdue update on a fundraiser who has moved us deeply, John-Paul “JP” Morris, and his tireless work over the last few months to honour the memory of his best friend, Dan Hulme (pictured below).

JP has been organising and participating in an astonishing amount of events since May, and his work is far from being over.

A Tale of Two Cities

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about two of our fundraisers, Katie Maggs and Alice Roberts, who were each taking on a 10K run in Leeds and London respectively. Two different people, in two different fine cities, were both going out of their way to help raise money and awareness for people with OCD.

It brings us great pleasure to report that both cities lived up to their lofty aims, despite the fact that both Katie and Alice faced unforeseen challenges on top of what they were already planning.

Living on the Edge

Who remembers Rachel Vickers, the brave hero who was planning to spend an entire night on a tiny portaledge suspended over a cliff? Her daring challenge was scheduled for the 25th July, so you may have been wondering what happened.

Well wonder no more, for Rachel has passed the test with flying colours!