Laura's Weight Loss Mission

Fundraising can be a great excuse to also work on your own physical wellbeing. Whether it be through running, cycling, walking or swimming, people often use their fundraising target to motivate themselves to get healthier.

The latest fundraiser to do just that is Laura Moloney, who has decided to embark on a mission to lose a massive four and a half stone for OCD Action.

Trials of a Time Lord

This weekend was the Chester Marathon, a 26 mile run through a beautiful historic city. But for John-Paul "JP" Morris, one of our fundraisers, it was much more than that: it was the culmination of a year of incredible fundraising activities the honour the memory of a great man: Daniel Hulme.

Today is the one year anniversary of Dan’s passing. Dan (pictured below) lived with OCD, and JP looked up to him like a brother.

Live and Let Dive

Our fundraisers are always going above and beyond to help people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Now we have someone who is so committed to the cause that she’s actually going to jump out of a plane!

Charlotte Davison, who has OCD, finds that her condition stops her from doing a lot of the thrill-seeking activities she loves. So, on top of raising awareness, she wants to do a challenge that allows her to overcome her fears and get an exciting experience out of it.

Two Become Run

Last weekend was an excellent one for fundraising, mainly due to the amazing efforts of two of our OCD Action runners!

We told you last week that Annah Salter would be running the Robin Hood Half Marathon on Sunday 25th September in order to raise awareness of OCD, a disorder that her sister lives with.

Ice to See You

The Hringvegurinn expedition has finished!

A couple of months ago, history students Chase Caldwell Smith and Kate Ellison bravely set out to cycle 1332km around the edge of Iceland. This wasn’t a leisurely ride, as the route included lots of busy, icy, mountainous roads and they had to deal with unpredictable, tempestuous weather. This was such a big deal that it was designated an official expedition of the University of Cambridge.

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival: a fantastic new partnership

OCD Action is hugely excited to announce that we are partnering with the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival as their official charity.

Taking place on the 14th-16th October, the Festival is an absolutely huge event which brings some of the biggest comic artists and writers from all over the world to the Lake District town of Kendal. On the weekend the entire town will be taken over by this joyful celebration of comics and comic art in all their forms.

Running Wild

This month two of our fantastic fundraisers will be doing two very different -- but equally challenging -- running events.

For most of us, doing a single 10K run requires a lot of effort in itself. Well meet Sam Parker, who over the next month will be running not one, not two, but three of the blighters!

Starting with the Windsor 10K on Saturday 24th September, and continuing on the two following Saturdays, Sam will be hitting the tarmac in three consecutive 10 kilometre runs in support of two people she knows with the disorder.