The Running Guy

Last weekend was the first running event from the amazing Sarah Guy, who is doing an unbelievable amount of running this year -- all in the name of helping people with OCD through raising awareness and donations!

This year, Sarah will be competing in an astonishing nine running events this year. That’s a huge amount of commitment, so thank you so much Sarah!

These are all the runs Sarah will be involved in:

The Brice is Right

The year for fundraising runs is well and truly underway!

Last weekend, on Sunday 12th March, the incredible Camilla Brice ran in the Fradley 10K in Staffordshire. Camilla was running to raise awareness and funds to help people with the disorder, as the condition is very close to her heart.

Run Mike the Wind

We've got a lot of wonderful running events coming up this year from our fundraisers. Whether it be 10Ks, Half Marathons or Marathons, we’re hugely grateful to all the amazing people who throw their backs out to raise donations to help people with OCD through running.

And kicking off the year in running, we have the amazing Michael Darvill, who is doing a hugely impressive amount of fundraising in the short space of two months.

Artists Taking Action: A Concert for OCD

Calling all Manchester music fans!

This weekend some of our loyal fundraisers are going to be putting on a concert, Artists Taking Action, to raise donations for OCD Action and awareness of the disorder.

Taking place over two nights (19th-20th February) at the city’s bustling Retro Bar, this exciting event will feature some of Manchester’s finest up-and-coming musicians.

2017: A new year for amazing Fundraisers!

Anyone who followed us last year will know that it was an incredible year for fundraising. From Tom Clancy’s three month cross-country walk to Chase and Kate’s epic cycle around Iceland to JP Morris’s year-round fundraising efforts, last year was full of people doing amazing things to help raise money to help people living with OCD.

And from the looks of things 2017 is going to be just as huge!

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming up in the next few months: