Kelly's Fundraising Heroes

We often have amazing fundraisers going to great lengths to help people with OCD – but it’s not often that they have equally amazing employers who match what they raise.

Kelly’s Storage, the employers of Anita Carter, are doing just that!

A storage company for the London and Surrey regions, Kelly’s Storage believes strongly in helping small charities.

Great North Run 2018: Meet our fundraising heroes!

This Sunday (9th September) is the Great North Run: the largest half marathon in the world, taking place in beautiful Newcastle. It’s a great time for the whole city to celebrate and enjoy the exciting run. But more importantly, it is also a great time for people to raise funds for the charities that are close to their hearts and fight for countless people who are desperate for help.

Walk this Way

The blazing heat of Britain’s summertime may be starting to cool down, but that doesn’t mean the fundraising is slowing down too! Check out these two inspirational fundraisers coming up in the next couple of weeks, both of whom are ready to take on some new challenges to raise money for those who have lives affected by the devastating OCD.


A Very British 10K

by Terry Li Xiang Zhen


Sunday 15th July: a big day to remember. The French team won its second World Cup, Novak Djokovic secured his fourth Wimbledon, yet most importantly, another year of British 10K officially kicked off and the whole of London was brimming with joy and excitement. For OCD Action, it was also one of the absolute highlights of the year for fundraising! This year, there were six amazing fundraisers running for OCD Action, and all of them did stunningly well despite the scorching temperature.


Robin Hood Half Marathon 2018 - Join Team OCD Action!

Ever wanted to take part in a Half Marathon with an entire team of OCD Action runners?

OCD Action is entering a team into the Robin Hood Half Marathon, taking place in Nottingham on Sunday 30th September. The Robin Hood Half Marathon is an exciting 13.1 mile run through the bustling city. There are 10 people running in it for OCD Action so far, including staff, volunteers and supporters – and we’d love YOU to join us.

Dan of Steel

On Sunday 24th May, the wonderful Dan Hughes took on the 52.4 mile Race to the King... and triumphed!

Dan has struggled with OCD since the age of 9, but it was only recently that he got diagnosed. His symptoms got worse after having kids, to the extent that he realised his son was starting to copy his traits. This shocked Dan into finally seeking help, and he has now completed a course of therapy, which has helped him get his life back together. Dan now feels like a different person - he still gets OCD symptoms but now has the tools to cope with them.