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    Forum Moderators here – just checking in, as it’s been a while since we replied to your topic.

    We want to be sure you know that, in addition to contacting the OCD Action Helpline and Email Service, you can visit our website’s Resources page:

    You’ll find lots of helpful web-based resources on topics such as:

    An introduction to OCD
    Assessment and Diagnosis
    Body Dysmorphic Disorder
    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Exposure and Response Prevention
    Funding specialist treatment
    Getting a Yes from the NHS
    Good Quality CBT with ERP
    I am a parent of a young child
    Making the Most of Therapy
    Medication for OCD
    Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
    Preparing for a GP Appointment
    Primary Care for Adults
    Reassurance seeking
    Secondary Care for Adults
    Specialist Treatment for OCD and BDD
    Student Space: Management and Keeping Well
    Support at University
    Support for Families and Carers
    Treatment Options
    Treatments Not Recommended for OCD
    What to Look for in a Therapist
    Your Journey through the NHS

    We hope you find these resources useful!