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    Hi there. I once worked in a care home, where stuff went badly wrong whilst I was actually on sick leave… On my return I ripped my own practice apart… I did make minor documentation errors, but, everyone does… I don’t know what big stuff happened, but it has now since been closed down… I catastrophised my tiny errors, and felt very ashamed and embarrassed. I hope the lovely residents got somewhere else… But I had to get out before it killed me.

    That is all in the distant past… I cleared my name shortly after leaving. It is a scar, but it is healing. I throw myself into today, this very minute, the good things in my life. I’m not responsible for anyone else’s happiness, just my own. If they don’t like me, that is their problem. I actually approve of myself now.

    Yes, real events have occurred in my life, just as they do for everyone on the planet… Some real, but many imagined out of all proportion…  But us Ocd’ers are good people, perhaps we just care a bit too much sometimes?