Ummmm bit weird

14 June 2020 - 4:44

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So I've been diagnosed with ocd for over 18 years now. I have issues around contamination and checking and other crap. But I noticed another weird behaviour.

While in lockdown I've been gutting my house. I have a lot of clothes, like loads and loads so thought right it's time to throw lots out. I just threw away a huge pile of t shirts that are identical in that I have chewed the neck away in so many. Like over 20 shirts. I planned to give a bin bag or 2 full to charity shop but obviously none of them can do in!

I dont think I have a thought or anything that leads to it. I'm a 34 year old man, I shouldn't be chewing clothes!!! I dont even know I am doing it. Anyone else experienced something like that??
I doubt its ocd related. Possibly just maybe anxious? Maybe just weird quirk. Dunno but bit weird!

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A habit perhaps, from childhood maybe, habits can be hard to break as we don’t always realise we are doing them at the time. It’s not harming anyone, only your teeth perhaps?!

I wouldn’t get too worried about it. If you realise you are doing it then maybe distract yourself from chewing. Chew some gum, suck sweets, go do another activity to take your mind off it like exercise, cooking anything so you focus your mind elsewhere. But I wouldn’t best yourself up over this.


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I’ve chewed clothing in the past. It’s a comfort thing. My main thing though is sucking and chewing my fingers. I’ve done it since I was about three! It was largely gone for many years but when my poor Mother died I started doing it again. I’m sure some Freudian psychiatrist would have fun dissecting that. 

14 June 2020 - 23:51

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Yeah no not worried about it at all. Just noticed it the other day throwing away clothes. Thought it was a bit weird. Was like ummmmm this is weird
Sorry to hear that me puddings. Maybe you're right with comfort thing.
When I notice myself doing it I'll stop it and have a word with myself!

Hope yous keeping well

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