how to cope with husband's ocd

30 July 2019 - 20:53

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my husband has contamination ocd and has been really suffering and struggling with this for years. Over time, it's now reached a point where our whole lives are totally controlled by it.
I'm really struggling to know how best to cope with this. We have a young child and I'm really concerned about the impact it's having on our child; because of all the restrictions it creates, as well as the anxiety and unhappiness in our household. I am trying to be supportive and understanding, because clearly he is going through hell. I'm finding it so difficult though,because it feels like every aspect of my life is being controlled. He gets so hostile when I try to ask for normal things that we need, but aren't allowed to bring into the house or if I accidentally slip up and don't follow the correct procedure for the compulsive behaviour.
My husband is in therapy, but I'm not really seeing much change at home so far at all.
I'm hoping to speak to other people who have been or are in a similar situation to me, in the hope of finding some mutual support and perhaps advice on how other people deal with this.


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Hey I'm sorry to hear what you going through, it must be hard
It's good that he is seeing someone. It's so often people with partners with OCD are struggling yet their partner refuse to get help.
You need to look after yourself and your kid.
Unfortunately I dont have any advice other than make sure you look after yourself. If you have a read through this part of the forum and see what others are doing. Maybe look in the OCD or intrusive thoughts part and look up contamination you may get a better idea of what is going on in his head. Maybe even encourage him to join this site. We tend not to reassure people although sometimes we do, it depends on the person but he may find it helpful here

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