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It's been a nightmare few weeks, ran out of food completely on Monday and not eaten anything. I decided to venture out yesterday and picked up some groceries and popped into Holland and Barrett for some vitamins because I'm exhausted. While I was paying the shop assistant sneezed and I fled in a blind panic and left my shopping in the shop.

I'm now locked back in my house convinced I've now got the infection. I can't leave but I can't get food. Can't get deliveries., Mental health center has shut...if this virus doesn't get me the shear desperate situation will.

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Hello dubs,
I feel so sorry for you. I have left shopping in the aisle of a shop before. Only once. It was because I had an intrusive sexual sensation and I thought I was going to do something psychotic. I understand the anxiety because in that instance it almost consumed me.
Listen, the fact is, we have a lot more power over our thoughts, feelings and behaviour than we think we do. You can go shopping again, it's really entirely possible.
With any challenge the important thing is to plan carefully, do everything we can, then choose not to worry about things beyond our control.
I was in a Church recently and some really inconsiderate people were coughing and sneezing - they really should have been self-isolating. I was angry that Christians could be so selfish. But I didn't let it stop me from going out again because I need to go out and honestly, I take quite a fatalistic attitude about illness.
Maybe you should phone your doctor and ask for some diazepam or similar tranquilliser to help you do your shopping? The doctors know how anxious everyone is and if you're abandoning shopping in shops IMO you definitely have a medical need for something to help you along. You can't just let yourself starve. If you really don't feel able to go out again, I'm absolutely certain there are volunteers who would bring you food!
Sorry, I know it's easy for me to say all this. I once didn't leave the house for a whole year so I get the terror thing, really I do. But you're important and you need to look after yourself. Just do your best to avoid infection - follow the guidelines from the government - and then let go of all your worries and let God do the rest.
Hope this helps.

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Hello Dubs

My heart goes out to you.  Good advice from Mr Puddings.  Phone the doctor.  They can also arrange for food to be delivered.  Your have to eat. 

If you don't have a mask, wrap a scarf around your face when you go out, but go out!  Take antibac wipes with you and wipe things as you go along if it makes you feel better.  Not the best OCD solutions I know, but under the circumstances I don't think it matters that much at the moment.  The supermarkets are taking great precautions now, ensuring everyone keeps the required distance from each other and most have perspex barriers up between the customer and cashier..  And don't forget the virus is only bad if you are vulnerable, if not, it is no worse than a cold. Look after yourself and get yourself some food.  Take care.

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Hi there, good advice all round. We will get through this. 


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