Ocd and Aggressiveness

28 December 2018 - 17:53

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My son is on the Autism spectrum and the main issue has always been the Ocd and it has been getting worse and worse.

A little bit of background is that he has not attended school now for a few months and has started to see Camhs every couple of weeks after they eventually agreed to see him sooner after 6 months waiting.

He or we more or less can't do anything. Walking upstairs. Talking, opening a drawer, putting a t shirt on. Anything and we are unable to try follow any advice regaenot giving in to it as he gets really aggressive and very angry every time and swears and tries to throw us against the wall or hits out or Bangs his head against the wall or punches himself in the head but always if we do something like sit on the sofa with oud hands slightly out of place or feet not straight he gets really mad and aggressive.

She has to sit in the kitchen so as not to anmoy him and even turning the kettle on can cause a meltdown.

I am unsure what to do as my wife is home all day with him and he is 13. He has a twin brother who is not autistic and doesn't have Ocd.

I also have Ocd buy have learned to manage to an extent.

Anyone with similar problems or advice i would be appreciate it.

Thank you

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I left a post on a different thread yesterday.  I struggled with the same symptoms.  When the intrusive thoughts began, they were so horrible and dispicable that, in a panic, I did whatever I could to stop them and that included punching myself in the face and head.  I'd struggled with intrusive thoughts before but not nearly to that extent or degree! 

Something you must keep in mind is that it's nothing personal against you.  For him it's all about minimizing the triggers that cause the anxiety and panic. 

Yesterday, I suggested the Anafranil based on what you said and now reading this post, I would double down on that suggestion.  It does have side effects but it really removes the panic pretty quickly and it sounds like that's what needs to occur as soon as possible.

God bless and take care.


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18 January 2020 - 3:45

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Have you ever looked into mood disorder medication such as lithium? I've been taking it for a little while now and my brain is now a quiet, pleasant place. The doc who put me on it (now remember, this is second hand, at best) said that the OCD could be thought of as a manifestation or symptom of a larger mood disorder.

Mood is very challenging to a person on the autism spectrum, I think. Suddenly there's all this data flooding in to a mind that doesn't really like anything new coming in. 


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