Is this ocd?! Can ocd do this?! Help!

1 August 2020 - 21:42

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Hello. For some reason, last night an old crush I had when I was in middle school appeared in my dream. In the dream I was in middle school again and I had a crush on them still. The dream felt very real, and I felt attracted to them. And I understand that I can’t control my dreams, but when I woke up the feeling of the attraction was there. I got a thought about how I still found my old middle school crush cute/attractive. I don’t know if ocd can do this. The feeling of attraction is too real. I don’t know why I’m still having dreams about my middle school and the people in it from years and years ago. It’s odd how they keep popping up in my dreams. The attraction feeling is so weird, and this definitely shouldn’t be happening. Is this a sign I’m a bad person? Can ocd do this? Am I crazy? I definitely feel crazy. Please help. 

2 August 2020 - 6:46

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First off, you’re not crazy at all, trust me. And second, something very similar to what you experienced happened to me too recently. I struggle with pedophilia OCD and I had this really unfortunate dream the other night about being attracted to my nephew and doing sexual things to him and I woke up feeling attraction to him and it totally freaked me out. But then I realized the same thing that you realized, that I can’t control my dreams. I woke up feeling how I felt because it was how I felt in the dream, but it’s not real. I quickly snapped out of it and became disgusted. I’m sorry you are dealing with this. It’s so difficult. But you’re not a bad person, and most importantly, you’re not alone. I wish you lots of good luck in your journey  

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