Resisting compulsions and feelings

26 January 2020 - 6:14

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I have been really trying to cut down on compulsions lately, especially mental ones where I tend to replay things over and over or 'check' that what I thought/felt doesn't mean that I am gay. I am getting a lot of tension headaches by just sitting with the anxiety because I am clenching my jaw a lot. But something else is happening too I am now getting a lot of extra 'feelings' or something which is scary in it's own way because I have no idea what is happening. Can anybody relate? It's like I am relaxing and might get a warm/ almost nice feeling like pressure in my chest, about something related to my obsession or I think is related, and it is causing me to spiral again. I am trying to resist looking further into that but it is difficult. 

27 January 2020 - 1:11

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Do you think gay people truly go through all these loop holes and testing and checking or do they just go out and live life being gay. You know how much time your spending trying to debunk all your feelings and thoughts trying to "prove" to yourself that your gay. It doesn't matter what your orientation is just live life and take your mind of your sexuality and you'll find that things return to normal. You don't need a label to your sexuality, you just go out and date who you want. Period

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