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26 April 2019 - 12:30

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This website scared me, it was even posted by Harvard students so this is just proving something;

"True ps only have attraction to one gender" - my fear is only around boys...

"5% to 40% of true ps are homosexual ps"... im gay but have always had romantic attraction to people my age. Never had sexual attraction though...

"Almost all ps eventually act on their urges...."

It's like this website was purposely made to haunt and tease me purposely. This fear all started a month ago but now it's become so real I'm starting to not believe I have pocd at all.. also they said most ps have a behaviour disorder. Isn't ocd a behaviour disorder. I also read most people with ocd will go onto have a paraphilia disorder. I have some clothing fetishes so this just scares me even more. The days are becoming more convincing. Do I have pocd? I constantly check my arousal by watching YouTube videos and weirdly when I'm relaxed it's almost like a groinal response is forming immediately so I become stressed again and it goes down. Please help!

26 April 2019 - 14:09

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you've fell into the ocd trap... I would highly recommend you check out mark freeman on youtube and realise that you have ocd and it will get better just try your best to stop chasing the certainty stick your brain is throwing you and eventually through habituation your brain will stop caring and you will feel better...

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