POCD memory popped up and I'm freaking out

1 March 2019 - 7:31

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I've been going really well now for about 3 years since my last OCD relapse then I'm still recovering from. However I was watching tv and remembered something I did while I had really bad ocd at the time.

It was a memory. I remember holding one of my sisters babys for the first time and I kept saying to myself "dont move your fingers anywere near it private areas" but the more I told myself that the more my icd convinced me I wanted to and that I was someone who liked this type of thing :/

So I moved my fingers just patting extremely gentle on his bottom and he had a diaper on and was so subtle I debut the baby even knew. Now I'm remembering that event from years ago and how at the time my OCD convinced me that I wanted to sexually hurt the baby. Idk why this memory is worrying me when I've been going so well. I need some reassurance if that's possible I appreciate it

4 August 2019 - 11:55

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You did nothing wrong, it was just another way that POCD forced you to check and ruminate.

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